Here is my “First Post” since i start using Octopress as a new blogging platform. Wordpress has been used for my first Blog and it was great but Octopress make me impressive as it is a blogging platform which work good on terminal and different with others.

I have used Wordpress for a long time to take note and share my working experiences (also give an idea to discuss with my friend and my colleagues) for a long time but now i decide to use Octopress instead. It is awesome and a good idea so far.

Besides, i would like to dig deeper into Ruby world which puppet written on. Working as a system engineer and i use puppet to do automation tasks so more knowledge in ruby programming will help my career a lot.

Guys, hope you can find out a helpful info on my posts.
And don’t hesitate to ping me if needs to support on something. My door is always opened :)